Mini Book Review: Glimpse by W.D. Tuck

33860362Hopeful and Powerful. Inspiring and heartfelt. Courageous and Eccentric. Glimpse by WD Tuck is a raw selection of poetries that readers could see what kind of person the author is. Discussed his fair share of kind words, awkward experiences, courting stage and loving a person with utmost honesty and respect. He gave us not a book with a collection of a poem rather an art of who he was, who he is, and who he will be.

I love the few essays on this book. It made me realize that the core of everything is love in every factor. Like the world is moving because of love or if we are putting it on the other way around, love could be the reason also why the world could collapse in Glimpse. WD Tuck is good at portraying two kinds of perspective with his poetry book that made me inclined and immersed in reading it. It was wholesome, lyrical and satisfying – reaching my feelings through words, uplifting words that can change a person, if not to, at least for the better.

If you are looking for a short poetry book that you will like with a touch of romantic feelings in between, Glimpse is for you. If you want to distract yourself from stress, for a quick mind reset, this book will help you. It is a light book with so many emotions that compacted in one book full of art.


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