Book Review: Ivon by Michael Aylwin

unnamedImpressive. Engrossing. Thrilling. Ivon by Michael Aylwin offers a different approach in a cinematic and yet profound sports novel. It caught me off guard with the storyline that it displays, with new characters that embedded with diverse personalities that I eventually liked throughout the novel, this book didn’t disappoint me. Two people met with two different worlds. It is not the mainstream literary novel we have been introduced with rather two characters that lead each other’s life to a more complex and yet engaging excitement throughout the book.

Dusty. A highly remarkable, competent sportsman who’ve been given the chance to travel. Ivon. Conceived child of Ricky, Dusty’s acquaintance, that has been denied by the England that have been powered through sports as a way of life. This book offers a lot of perspectives but I would like to point out the difference in a futuristic book that dwells on sports, relationship, emotions and new knowledge that stimulate’s Dusty’s curiosity. England is a more scientific way of life, it is more advanced in technology that their main focus is achieving a certain goal by using sports in producing energy. When in Wales, it has been described what we are living today. That sport is a passion, it is a fair and equal competition that gives an individual the satisfaction and luxury of playing.

When Dusty decided to take the opportunity to travel, he chose Wales. He didn’t know for a fact that watching a game would excite him as it compels and yet willingly captivate him with the overwhelming sportsmanship in Wales. The thing is – Ivon, the novel itself, scared me. The futuristic setting is so close to reality that it could become the truth. Moreover, I am quite happy with the novel, as it did not just feed me a new brilliant story but as well it gave me a unique and wonderful experience by just reading the book. It might be a little hard to get in the first few chapters but once you figured out the terminology and the exceptional writing style, you’ll enjoy the book, wholeheartedly.

Ivon is a fast-paced page-turner novel that will make you question a lot of things that could be connected with your life. It gave many perspective and lessons that I would love to carve to my mind. Despite the ways in the book by setting standards and omitting emotions, I think what truly surprising is how Michael Aylwin incorporate sports, science-fiction, morality and of course, empathy by introducing feelings as the core of the book. If you would ask me if there’s a chance that I would read this book for the second time around, I would definitely say yes. I am now on a hunt for more Michael Aylwin books.



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