Travel Experience: Taal Volcano


One of my spontaneous adventures with my sister was in Taal Volcano. I was eager to see this place and try to hike to the top of the crater. One thing that I didn’t know was the trail to the top. Taal Volcano offers magnificent and beautiful scenery with an outstanding history. Taal is now called, “An island within a lake in a volcano in a lake on an island.”



Going to Talisay, Batangas for the registration on DENR and fetching our boat, the tranquil environment soothes my well-being. I could feel my adrenaline rush inside me despite lacking of sleep.

Taal is not just the ‘Taal’ or the volcano, alone. It was called Mount Taal – The World’s Smallest Active Volcano! Who would know that I would see the terrifying danger but the same time the exotic beauty of it?!


Also, I would like to point out that even the Taal Volcano is considered 2/9 in difficulty – don’t underestimate it. The Trail is pretty difficult. The trail from the bottom to the top requires more energy and strength than regular mountains because of the sandy or the beach-like, sand texture of the trail. There are few rocks at the top but all the way from the bottom, it was sandy. It was also advised to bring your own face mask to prevent inhaling a lot of dust from the trail. Another thing to note for is: Bring more water. A lot of water. Especially summer season in the Philippines because aside from the heat of the sun while hiking, the surrounding is too hot. There are some sulfuric rocks that emitting heat from the stone itself! Taal Volcano is an active volcano for a reason.

Sulfuric Rocks emitting hot smokes.

The locals in Taal said that they could hike Taal within 25 – 45 minutes. It must be from their experience and daily living but we made it 1 hour and 30 minutes! Regardless of how hard the trail is and how hot the environment is. It wouldn’t beat the beauty and the satisfaction when we reached the top. I was so speechless and I couldn’t get hold of how nature could unfold its stunning beauty in front of my eyes.


Now, feast on the marvelous and cinematic scenery of Taal Volcano!


Would you like me to continue this travel segment on my blog? If you do, please tell me what to visit next in the Philippines! It would be fun if you can name some provinces from Luzon first as it would be more accessible!

Until again. Travel More. Wander in Wonders!

Polar Bear


9 thoughts on “Travel Experience: Taal Volcano

  1. Great pictures. There is one correction I have to add. When Taal Volcano erupted in 1965, it did not create Lake Taal. Lake Taal was there already before that eruption. That whole area is called Lake Taal or Taal Lake.

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