Travel Experience: Mt. Buntis

Mt. Buntis is related to the historical site in Cavite where the house of the “Father of the Revolution” lies and where the old church of Maragondon was located that has been declared as National Heritage. Going to Mt. Buntis will take at least 2 hours from Manila via Bus and Jeep going to NAIC and Maragondon. From there, it is an easy trike going to the jump-off of Mt. Buntis. You will know that you are already there when you see the hanging bridge that offers soothing, radiant green water below the bridge that you will cross once you started the hiking.


We believed that Mt. Buntis was called Buntis because the mountain looks like a pregnant belly of a woman. The place offers a different landscape from the usual Rockies and mountain ranges when you go to the summit. I also learn from this last hike that never hikes when it is summer time in the Philippines! THE HEAT IS SO REAL. I usually drink 2L to 2.5L per hike back and forth, but I finished gulping 5.5L here! That’s insane.

Regardless of the scorching heat, the experience surely taught me a lot of things. There’s a reason why people go to the beaches or resorts when summer strikes. That the nature is still beautiful in a lot of ways. That the view of the environment is just another reward from this experience because what’s more important is how you bonded with the people you’ve been with. Also, the hike took us 2 hours and 30 minutes, the trail is easy but the heat is challenging. Bring more water if you plan to go here!







THANK YOU FOR READING! Where should I go next? Don’t forget to wander on wonders!

Polar Bear


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