Book Review: LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff

LIFEL1K3 Terminal

29456569From the coauthor of the New York Times bestselling Illuminae Files comes the first book in a new series that’s part Romeo and Juliet, part Terminator, and all adrenaline.

On an island junkyard beneath a sky that glows with radiation, a deadly secret lies buried in the scrap. Seventeen-year-old Eve isn’t looking for trouble–she’s too busy looking over her shoulder. The robot gladiator she spent months building has been reduced to a smoking wreck, she’s on the local gangster’s wanted list, and the only thing keeping her grandpa alive is the money she just lost to the bookies. Worst of all, she’s discovered she can somehow destroy machines with the power of her mind, and a bunch of puritanical fanatics are building a coffin her size because of it. If she’s ever had a worse day, Eve can’t remember it. The problem is, Eve has had a worse day–one that lingers in her nightmares and the cybernetic implant where her memories used to be. Her discovery of a handsome android named Ezekiel–called a “Lifelike” because they resemble humans–will bring her world crashing down and make her question whether her entire life is a lie. With her best friend Lemon Fresh and her robotic sidekick Cricket in tow, Eve will trek across deserts of glass, battle unkillable bots, and infiltrate towering megacities to save the ones she loves…and learn the truth about the bloody secrets of her past.

Title: LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff

Publication Date: May 29th 2018 by Knopf Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 9781524713928

Genre: Young Adult and Science-Fiction

Thank you to Penguin Random House International for sending a review copies to the participants of the PH Blog Tour for LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff in exchange for an honest review. This did not affect my opinion of the book.

Robots. The Artificial Intelligence that the humans are trying to discover – to make progress of – to venture out on the possibility of future that these things, machines, that can help the humanity in one way or another. Lifel1ke is a fascinating book, weird rather and yet Jay Kristoff knows how to pull the strings of a well-written novel.

I had a difficulty in immersing with this book in the first few chapters however I never knew that it is so easy to connect with the novel when you are laughing with Lemon Fresh and Cricket. Before I knew, I was enjoying reading Evie’s adventure to search for her lost memory, the past that has been hidden to her and the funny, witty and remarkable robot companion that she has. Lifelike provides a huge impact on the society that asks a lot of thought-provoking questions. What if the robots went into a new level of understanding to the point that they wanted to be human? It feels so weird. The thought alone is terrifying and here’s Kristoff manipulating words and executing a compelling novel where robots could feel, sense, and show empathy.

Although, started with a lot of challenges and brutal and violent scenes from the first chapter of the book. Lifelike provides wonderful perspective where the world is being dominated by robots (lifelike) that humans are on the verge of survival. Even though the book is made with full of lies, I enjoyed reading this book because of how Jay Kristoff make the developments of the characters – Evie’s realization, Ezekiel’s deep understanding and patience, Cricket’s wittiness, and Lemon’s stubbornness. This is my first Jay Kristoff and I’m sure that this won’t be the last.

This book terrifies me. It asks me a lot of questions that a potential possibility that a future can hold to the humanity. Although LIFEL1K3 is a fictional novel – it still stands true to some facts and shapes through the reality that can be a mesmerizing and a the same time, horrifying.

I never knew. I never knew that this is how Jay Kristoff would write a book – full of lies and surprises. Shocking revelation with full of twist while incorporating such humor. It made me laugh, hooked and feel – mostly betrayed. I feel like I’m being controlled like how everyone hides the truth to Evie. Despite all that, I’m still looking forward to Jay Kristoff’s books – it made me want more and I would definitely read his other novels.

LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff is an intricate, fast-paced novel that will hunt you with its remarkable ending. I was stunned and amazed how Jay Kristoff displays such plot and made his readers go crazy with the realizations on the book. I commend him for making me fell in love with science-fiction again like the first time.





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4735144Jay Kristoff is the #1 international, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of THE NEVERNIGHT CHRONICLE, THE ILLUMINAE FILES and THE LOTUS WAR. He is the winner of five Aurealis Awards, an ABIA, has over half a million books in print and is published in over thirty-five countries, most of which he has never visited. He is as surprised about all of this as you are. He is 6’7 and has approximately 12,000 days to live.

He does not believe in happy endings.


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