Guest Post

C A L L I NG  A L L  T H E  A T T E N T I O N  O F   A U T H O R S

The Royal Polar Bear is now accepting guest post from authors to help them to share their experience, their knowledge, their stories, and of course, to promote their own book!


  • Blog Post Content with a title; should be related to you, the author. You can talk about your life, your book, anything you want as long as it will teach our readers a lesson or a two. At the end of your blog post, you can promote your book as much as you want. Put this in a word file.
  • Please provide your photo, author description, purchase links, high-quality images of your book, excerpts if there’s any, and social media sites.
  • Send everything to my contact address:

Disclaimer: I, The Royal Polar Bear Reads, has the right to decline a guest post if I find it unsuitable to my readership. I also have the rights to alter the books that can promote if I find it too much to be included. The Royal Polar Bear will no hold any responsibility for anything you write.


Suzanne Rogerson