Interview with Charley Pearson!

Scourge By Charley Pearson Fiery Seas Publishing August 14, 2018 Medical Thriller Financially independent, biochemistry genius Stacy Romani grows up off the grid, while her Roma family takes advantage of her knowledge for their own gain. Watching his family farm struggle, and traumatized by mass slaughter, Aatos Pires wants to heal animals but gets seduced by … Continue reading Interview with Charley Pearson!


Book Review: Psycho Analysis by V.R. Stone

This book is a recommendation from Shaine of Wanderer in Neverland and probably my first attempt at reading a psychological, mystery, and thriller genre that has a connection with the medical field. This certain specific mixture of genres and preference are my own personal choices since I have this huge attraction on human behaviour, personality … Continue reading Book Review: Psycho Analysis by V.R. Stone

Roll the Dice by Wayne Avrashow

BLURB What happens when one of America’s biggest rock stars leaves the Las Vegas stage to run for the United State Senate? The ultimate celebrity candidate, Tyler Sloan is no stranger to politics – his estranged father was a California governor who narrowly lost a Presidential campaign. He runs as a political independent, refuses campaign … Continue reading Roll the Dice by Wayne Avrashow

Triple Cross Killer by Rosemarie Aquilina

BLURB Have you ever wondered what really happens to Santa Claus letters?  In Detroit and Sarasota some children’s letters are diverted and reviewed by Nick Archer, a religiously obsessed, narcissist. Nick responds, leaving a trail of devastation in the two cities. In Detroit, co-ed partners and wise-cracking lovers, detectives Jaq McSween and David Maxwell, team up … Continue reading Triple Cross Killer by Rosemarie Aquilina

Book Review: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

  Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Historical Fiction Release Date: 28th of March 2006 Published by: Anchor Books An ingenious code hidden in the works of Leonardo da Vinci. A desperate race through the cathedrals and castles of Europe. An astonishing truth concealed for centuries . . . unveiled at last. While in Paris, Harvard symbologist Robert … Continue reading Book Review: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown